A Clearer 2012

With Christmas being earlier this week and the New Year in a few days, I was reminded that it had been at least a year since my kids have had their eyes examined (actually my daughter told me that she had been having trouble seeing in school). Since I work for Dr. Tavel, it’s a crime for my own kids to have gone without their annual eye examination. Lucky enough, since they were on Christmas break and my wife was off work, I had her bring them to get their eyes examined by one of Dr. Tavel’s board certified optometrists. Needless to say, they both needed glasses, so one of the dispensers showed them our wide selection of kid’s frames. They were both surprised by how many options of kid’s glasses there were to choose from. My son got a black wire, Baltic frame, while my daughter went for a thicker, plastic, Nu Attitude frame. Both were happy with their selections, and felt right at home around Dr. Tavel’s friendly staff. 2012 will look a lot clearer and they’ll both have a new look for the new year!

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