Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept walk-ins?
Yes, we offer walk-in exams at all our locations. We recommend scheduling an appointment in advance to ensure the doctor can see you for an eye exam in a timely manner. Our scheduling platform enables you to pick your preferred office, exam type, date, time, and doctor preference. For additional questions regarding walk-ins, call us at 844-GO-TAVEL.

How much is a standard eye exam?
Without vision insurance, a standard eye exam starts at $50. Taking into consideration current medical concerns, medications and family health history the cost could be up to $70.

How much is a contact lens exam?
Without vision insurance, a contact fitting is $60. This cost is separate from and in addition to a standard eye exam. A contact fitting includes diagnostic trial lenses, up to 3 follow-up exams if needed, and a trial bottle of contact solution.

What is dilation and why is it sometimes necessary?
Dilation widens the pupil so the doctor can get a more in depth look at the back of the eye to examine the tissue for disease. For some patients, a closer look is necessary to ensure total eye health.

How long will it take for my glasses to arrive once I’ve ordered them?
Depending on your prescription, it typically takes about two weeks for eye glasses to be completed and ready for pick-up. One of our eye care professionals will call you when your order is ready.

Do you accept my insurance?
We accept all valid vision insurance plans, guaranteed. To see a sample list of insurances we accept, click

How much of the cost will my insurance cover?
Vision insurance copays can vary depending on the company and plan. To be certain about the copays associated with your individual benefits, please contact your vision insurance provider.

Do you have any special offers or promotions I can use?
Yes, check out our Offers page to see all current promotions and in-store discounts. You can also see promotions through our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.

How often should I have my eyes examined?
For optimal eye health, you should have your eyes examined yearly or as often as your vision insurance benefits will allow dependent upon medical conditions. If you have any vision or eye health concerns between visits, please contact your preferred Dr. Tavel location and set up an eye exam.

Is there a Dr. Tavel office near me?
Dr. Tavel has 22 locations throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding area. To find the Dr. Tavel office closest to you, click here.

I already have a valid prescription; can I order glasses and/or contacts from Dr. Tavel?
At Dr. Tavel, we welcome valid outside prescriptions. Bring your prescription to any of our locations at your convenience to shop our large selection of designer frames as well as contacts. We match competitor pricing for contact lenses!

Does Dr. Tavel carry prescription sunglasses and safety glasses?
Yes, Dr. Tavel carries a variety of sunglasses and safety glasses to fully serve our patients’ eye care needs. To see available styles, click here.

How do I go about getting my glasses repaired?
If you find yourself in need of a glasses repair, please take your glasses to your preferred Dr. Tavel location. An eye care professional can assess the damage. Many repairs can be done immediately in the office.

How do I book appointment with Dr. Tavel?
For our patients’ convenience, we offer several ways to schedule appointments. You can contact our Success Center at 317-960- 3535, request an appointment online by clicking here or contact your preferred Dr. Tavel office directly.

At what age should children begin to have eye exams?
Typically, we begin to see children for eye exams around the age of 5 when they are comfortable with their letters and numbers. If your child is experiencing eye health issues or vision concerns before the age of 5, you should contact his/her primary care physician.

Which frame brands do you carry?
Dr. Tavel is proud to offer an array of designer frames. To browse our frame selection online, click here.