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This past weekend I found myself standing behind the lens of a camera directing a photographer on what shots to take during ‘Classic Styles’, a friend’s hair show. Classic Style primarily showcases local salons, barbershops and their hair creations, as well as new fashions, and other local talent. This was the 5th annual running of the show, and actually my first time having a physical presence at the show.

 This year at the show most of my energy was focused backstage, directing the photographer and overseeing the pictures of all the models and stylists.

Each scene had a theme, with the first scene being “All Black Everything,” where the models wore nothing but black. Some models wore blacked out premium contact lenses, while others wore black glasses and lenses. With the focal point being the hairstyles, these contact lenses and glasses and lenses helped pull the audiences attention to the eyewear they were modeling. Since this was a local show, a lot of the models were wearing Indianapolis glasses. I told them about Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care, and that our Indiana eye doctors could not only give them a thorough eye examination, but our opticians could also show them the latest in lens technology, fashion frames and contact lenses. 

Some of the other scenes featured sunglasses and fashion frames as well, and actually accentuated some of the hairstyles.

By the end of the event we had taken over 1000 pictures. It proved to be a successful show, which the audience reflected by their applause and comments leaving the show. Although this was a hair show, it just goes to show that eyewear still plays a major role in any fashion.

Brian "Shorti" Coyle

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