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If women’s lives aren’t already a little more difficult than men’s, we also have to worry about our beauty routines interfering with our vision corrections! Improperly wearing make-up with contact lenses could cause serious retinal damage.  Damaged lenses could suction to your eyes and have to be surgically removed.  Acuvue has provided some dos and don’ts for wearing contacts with make-up!


–          Put your contacts in before your put your make up on. You won’t risk getting make up on the lenses!

–          Wash your hands before you put in your contacts

–          Apply eye make-up gently to avoid jostling or damaging your lenses.

–          Use oil-free and fragrance-free makeup.

–          Remove your contacts before you remove your make-up – this way it won’t smudge into your eyes and ruin the lenses.


–          Wear eye make-up if your eyes are already swollen – seems like a no-brainer?!

–          Share makeup

–          Don’t apply eyeliner around the base of the eye lashes.

–          Don’t use saliva to apply shadow, or liquid eyeliner.

–          Don’t wear false eyelashes

–          Don’t use hairspray with your eyes open – hairspray can stick to your lenses and cause them to stick to your eyes.

If you are a daily lens patient, these rules are not as important (as long as you change the lenses daily!). Still, it is incredibly important to be a non-abusive contact lens patient. If you have questions concerning contact lenses and the correct procedures, consult with Dr Tavel or his 30 board-certified associates. Dr Tavel has 20 locations with convenient hours. Please, we don’t want anyone to have to face the repercussions of abusing contact lenses!!!

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