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Normal Vision?

Thursday afternoon in my Astronomy course, I sat with a friend of mine who happens to be color blind. Now,… Read more »

All Nighters & Your Eyes

If you’re ever in my situation and you find yourself having to stay up all night reading a 20 pound… Read more »

The Importance of Removing Contacts when you Sleep

Fall classes officially start tomorrow here in Bloomington! Summer has finally come to a close. Settling in this week has… Read more »

Astigmatism Explained

Astigmatism is a very common eye problem in people of all ages. It is not an eye disease, but a… Read more »

The Difference between Sight & Vision

Did you know that you can have perfect eyesight but still have vision problems? It seems that people use the words… Read more »

Seeing is Succeeding!

Many people have a correctable vision problem known as Myopia or “nearsightedness.” This means that an individual is able to… Read more »

Polarized Lenses for Shark Sighting

I bet you never knew there were glasses and lenses specifically made for Shark Sighting! I just got back from eating… Read more »

Thank the Stormy Heavens for My Glasses!

This morning in Indianapolis it absolutely poured rain! I was on my way in to work and hit all sorts of… Read more »