Monthly Archives: December 2015

On The Lake with Purifier™ Polarized Lenses

As we continue through the dog days of summer, I had to make it a point to get out on… Read more »

Sustenance for Sight

I love food. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a passion for healthy, quality food items…. Read more »

Be Careful This Weekend: Alcohol Consumption Effects Your Eyesight

The weekend is almost here! If you’re like me, you know there’s rarely a better way to relax than to… Read more »

What Do You See?

Your eyes see everything. But is everything you see for real? Visual illusions play tricks on your eyes …and your… Read more »

How to Wear Your Contact Lenses

Are you a new contact lens wearer? Or are you considering contact lenses? Check out this video from Acuvue that… Read more »

10 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

We use our vision every day, in everything we do. Our sight is arguably the most important of our senses…. Read more »

I’m Nearsighted. So What?

Has your eye doctor told you that you’re nearsighted? Not sure what that means for you? Nearsightedness is when distant… Read more »

Do You Follow the Rules?

Since immersing myself in the optical industry, I’ve become more aware of the right way to wear and care for… Read more »