Monthly Archives: December 2015

Little Things Matter at Dr. Tavel Vision Eye Centers

It’s the little things that matter the most, always.  Time and time again patients tell Dr. Tavel that it is… Read more »

Choosing The Best Eye Doctor For You

Your eyesight is vital. As one of the five senses we value, it is important to care for your eye… Read more »

Vote For Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care!

Being new to Indianapolis, I am relatively a blank slate when it comes to the best of anything in the… Read more »

Indiana State Fair Growers And Polarized Sunglasses

I had my very first Indiana State Fair experience this week and what an experience!  I ate my way through… Read more »

Can Cell Phones Give Eye Examinations?

A group of researchers at MIT’s Media Lab have come up with a method to perform refractions using cellphones.  The test… Read more »

Buying Eye Glasses According To The Retail Jungle

You are knee-deep in tropical plants, exotic birds squawk overhead, and there is mist in the air.  You are in… Read more »

Cataract Awareness Month

August is not only Back-To-School month but Cataract Awareness month.  Prevent Blindness America,  the nation’s leading volunteer eye health and… Read more »

Best Sunglasses In The World!

Dubbed as the best sunglasses in the WORLD, Purifer polarized lenses have quite the shoes (actually frames) to fill to… Read more »